JELLA: World Artist Collections came to life because of the time that I spent time in Africa and the years that I spent doing work for a nonprofit that focusing on the people of Kenya and Uganda. Before my first trip to Africa I was aware of the challenges facing the people there because of my Public Relations experience gathering support for outreach. My travels to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and the time spent with these amazing people, have caused me to become more curious about their culture and history. Conversations with artists about their work gave me a better understanding of their traditions, their history and their dreams.

Accessories & Accent Items

Ornate Mortar Pestle


Exquisite Headrest


Painted Gourd

Masai Jewelry & Art

Masai Earrings

Masai Spears

Masai Spear

Masks, Shields& Ceremonial Pieces

Guidance for Healing Mask


Masai Couple Statue

Stools & Tables

Luo Three Legged Side Table

Talking Sticks

Masai Talking Stick