JELLA World Artist Collections began in 2011 when I traveled to Africa for the first time. I found the people to be so interesting and willing to share their stories.  I loved their art that I found and what I could learn about the people through the art.  I have worked with the Masai people for years and have a great respect for their culture.
I brought back art that reflects who they are and I have learned that worlds apart we have the same values. The art that tells their story is similar to the stories that we find here.  I found that people here share an interest in other cultures and the way that we can learn about other people through art.  My quest for beautiful art and jewelry has taken me to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, China, South Korea, Thailand, Bali and Singapore finding art that tells a story.
I work with artists and design pieces that incorporate what I love about the original work and what I know about cultural preferences in America. I now work with people who I have connected with from Tibet, Morocco, India and Afghanistan to find beautiful and unique pieces to enrich our lives and understanding of these places, the culture and the people.